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December 10th, 2003
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Gringo

EL TOWN, New Jersey - With candy canes and Coca-Cola lorries aglow, Sheriff Gringo can tell it's Christmas-time! Although he's happy to be out on the road campaigning, the Sheriff will be back among the peasants in the Garden State for the festive season.

He'll be spending a traditional, patriotic Christmas with an all-American tree, US-made Christmas decorations and for good measure may approve the bombing of a small country in the Gulf. It's all part of the spirit of giving, and Gringo is happy to play his part!

The Sheriff and his election team have been hard at work on a special Christmas present - the second campaign video! Months of editing and research have combined to bring you what is quite possibly the greatest minute of viewing you will ever experience*.

Be sure to point your friends - or your social carer, adopted or foster parents - in this site's direction and get them to join in the fun! Keep visiting, because next month we've got more pictures of supporters waving the Gringo banner high!

Meanwhile, Democratic contender John Kerry has been criticised for saying "fuck" in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Well, the Sheriff has never been one to bow down to his competitors!

Today, Gringo defiantly said: "If that cunt-fucking shitty ass cock-a-poo bastard twat thinks he can out-swear me, he's sadly deluded. I want to be the candidate for guys who swear! But not for Confederate flag-wavers. Howard Dean can keep those guys."

*Guarantee of enjoyment is non-binding

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