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September 22nd, 2003
Gringo Campaign On The Move

LANSING, Michigan - And he's off! Supporters have created the official Gringo campaign truck that has already been touring Michigan, as the campaign to elect the Sheriff President in 2004 steamrollers through the opposition.

Voters in the Wolverine State have shown they are creating a true home away from home for the Gringo campaign, with the town showing the greatest support for the candidate outside of New Jersey. And maybe even inside!

Click here to find out all about the vehicle we're calling The Gringo Express. The Sheriff himself expressed his gratitude to Michigan campaign co-ordinator Tiffany Cramer for her sterling efforts.

Sheriff Gringo said: "This girl has shown that her place is, remarkably, not inside the kitchen. As long as she continues to support me and my candidacy I will refrain from putting any bullets in her face."

Meanwhile awareness of Gringo's campaign continues to spread, with the candidate being recognised for the first time by political website D.C.'s Political Report in its list of write-in candidates for 2004. Look between Satan and Tux the penguin to find him.

And as if that wasn't enough of a metaphorical explosion of Gringo for President news, another non-literal campaign bomb has been detonated in America with more pictures of supporters being e-mailed in.

Click on this link to see the updated gallery of people who have taken the plunge and can say proudly (or at least pretend to say proudly when threatened with violence) that they're voting for Gringo!

Don't forget to subscribe to the Gringo for President 2004 mailing list. Keep checking back for further updates and continue spreading the message of the campaign that's got more life than someone in a coma!

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