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August 19th, 2003
Voters In Washington, Idaho Show Their Support

SPOKANE, Washington - Support for Sheriff Gringo's independent presidential campaign is rocketing faster than a space shuttle on takeoff, with the candidate's official metaphor writers struggling to catch up.

Last month, this site broke the news that support for Gringo's 2004 campaign had started outside of his home state of New Jersey for the first time, with voters showing their backing in Michigan.

But crude home-made signs in Lansing, Michigan, are just the first step in telling people all about Gringo's steamroller of a campaign. Read more about sending in your images of support by clicking this link.

Now another great state can be added to the Vote Gringo list, with supporters both human and animal in Washington state expressing their belief in the cartoon candidate they like the most.

Thanks to Remi Olsen and his dog Sammy for showing their support! Remi and Sammy, who live in Washington under civil union, with the same legal rights as most married couples, are proud to back Sheriff Gringo.

Because Remi is an illegal alien and Sammy is a dog, neither has a legal vote at the moment. However, Gringo pledges to injure any election officials who prevent the couple from casting their votes for the Sheriff.

The Evergreen State is an important part of Gringo's plans to make it to the White House in 2004. Although it is on the opposite coast to New Jersey, Gringo understands voters concerns throughout the United States.

Rumours are also reaching the Sheriff Gringo for President 2004 campaign of support in Idaho, although our source revealed voters were refusing to come out in public and admit they were from the home of the potato.

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