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July 20th, 2003
Gringo Celebrates Outbreak Of Public Support

LANSING, Michigan - Jubilant third-party Presidential candidate Sheriff Gringo today revealed public support for his campaign is soaring.

Already, he has received confirmed backing from residents outside of his home state of New Jersey, with supporters in Michigan first to create their own Vote Gringo signs.

Compared to his Senate campaign in 2002, that represents an astonishing 100% increase in voter support, in less than one year.

Gringo is especially pleased to note that this campaign is attracting a wide range of voters, from the young to the old, and pledges to fix ballot boxes so that under-18s can have their say on election day.

He also pledges to do the same for anyone aged over 90 who may have lost their brain and prefer shouting at someone while chasing them down the street with a shoe rather than going to the polling station.

With Sheriff Gringo now firmly on the election radar in two states, that leaves just 48 more to raise his profile in. Plans are underway to ignore rogue states such as Alaska, Hawaii and Idaho, with more details coming soon on how you can help Gringo win without having to visit those places.

Join in the campaign trail and help elect America's first fictional President. Click here to learn how you can help spread the message that's already caught on in New Jersey and Michigan.

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