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June 18th, 2003
Gringo Launches 2004 Presidential Campaign

EL TOWN, New Jersey - When there's another Bush in the White House, when the Democratic candidates for President next year wouldn't be out of place at a clown college, when Jerry Springer is getting into politics again, when Justin Timberlake gets away with making that annoying "UM-CHEE" human beatbox nonsense when singing Rock Your Body, it's time for change.

It's time for Sheriff Gringo.

After narrowly losing his independent campaign for a New Jersey senator's seat in 2002 (coming in a close third place with almost 0.0000004% of the popular vote), the 1800s Wild West cartoon cowboy is making another run for political office.

Having learnt the lessons of last year's race, Gringo feels he is in a strong position to metaphorically mount the election race horse and ride it like the proverbial ten cent whore all the way to Washington D.C.

To celebrate his announced third party candidacy, the Sheriff has revealed his first of several planned campaign videos. In the first, called Candidates, Gringo reveals his opinion of each possible contender he could be facing in 2004 as he battles to remove the "silver spoon" element from the Presidency and keep it for private use only.

More detail will be added in the coming months as Sheriff Gringo's campaign heats up, but for now explore the site, send your comments, and get involved!

By supporting the Sheriff, you may well be supporting a fictitious cartoon character who prefers shooting people to diplomacy - but what else are you going to do with your vote? Think it counts?

Don't make us laugh. We certainly won't achieve that with you.

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