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The Gringo Express!

No decent campaign can do without a campaign bus...and this is no decent campaign! To distance himself from the elitist mainstream parties, Sheriff Gringo decided early on that his method of travelling the country wouldn't be an expensive Lear jet or bus with lavish fittings.

Instead, he called on the help of his Michigan headquarters to build and drive The Gringo Express, the world's first fully functional campaign truck! From now until election day, the Sheriff will be bedding down in the window-less truck as he tours each of the 50 American states.

Keep an eye out for The Gringo Express, as it could be trundling through the streets of your town soon!

Making The Gringo Express

Made possible thanks to a generous donation from the Gringo Is My Pick (GIMP) political action committee, The Gringo Express is a somewhat-decent truck that sits two people up front (or more illegally).

Once used to transport Gringo's relatives from Mexico across the border into a land of opportunity and seven-day working weeks on building sites for below minimum wage, the truck is a sturdy, vote-grabbing vehicle.

Recognising the unexpected - but overwhelming - support for Gringo in Michigan, state campaign co-ordinator Tiffany Cramer took on the responsibility of creating the Sheriff's official campaign truck.


All it took was a few buckets of paint and some brushes stolen from the local blind institute and Tiffany and her fellow voters (some ineligible in all 50 states for previous convictions) were off!

In no time at all they had spruced up what was once a mere hiding place for bodies into a compact campaign truck. Sheriff Gringo said: "I'm pleased with the truck, and if we get a puncture, I'll just make this woman push it round America."

If you're feeling left out, why not make your own miniature Gringo Express? All you need to do is permanently damage your own vehicle by painting some kind of Vote Gringo logo on it! Just do it, take a picture and send it in!

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