Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Review By: Shinobi Dragon

Behold the splendor of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I'm quite surprised that the producers of Miami Vice haven't already sued the makers of this game, for the setting, the title and the fact that "Tubbs" supplies a voice in this game. You don't even know who "Tubbs" is do you? You are listening to the classic 80's tracks for the first time? Well, if that's the case you shouldn't even be playing this game. You should be out robbing liquor stores.

The hotel wouldn't accept Mastercard.

But many youngsters have played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or it's counterpart, GTA III. For better or worse, the game includes tons of the following: Violence, Death to strippers, prostitutes, males, females, police officers, and such. I'm not saying I'm for or against kids playing this, because that would take up a whole 2 or 3 sentences, and I simply am much to lazy to offer my view on the matter. I will say, that if you are over 18, and able to appreciate the grim, yet morbidly funny story line, then pick this game up by all means.

I hated Grand Theft Auto III. Yes, I was one of the few who actually could care less about playing one of the most popular games of all time. The graphics were ok, but mostly on the dark, dreary side, and the music was crap, the main character had no voice and the story line wasn't as strong, so I got bored. The only enjoyment I got out of it was the tank sequence.

Check out the polygons on her!

Well, this time around, the graphics are bright and improved. Yes, it's still similar to GTA III, but new and improved. I can't tell you it has X amount more polygons, because that would be admitting I'm a video game nerd. Gasp! We can't allow that to happen. The city looks like it's ripped straight from Miami Vice, the TV show, and I for one, like it. You have a choice of listening to either moderately funny radio "personalities" or some of the greatest music known to man - the 80's! Yes, probably the best feature of this game, the music features: The King of Pop (before he was strange. Wait, he was always strange), Hall & Oates, Run DMC, Flock Of Seagulls and more. Literally, dozens and dozens of familiar 80's songs to jam to, while you are cruising along waiting to snipe someone or crash into that mob boss' golf cart.

I'd say it has one of the best soundtracks to a game, PERIOD. It still would have been nice to hear some original music though, and glaring omissions are made: Madonna, Tears For Fears, Devo and a few others are nowhere to be found. The control is tighter then Bob Dole's grip on his bottle of Viagra. The camera is less of a problem then before, although far from perfect. You are able to aim better now, with the aid of a first person view. While on foot, the controls are adequate, nothing special. While on each motorcycle, car or chopper though, the controls are as Bill & Ted would put it, EXCELLENT! Each car handles differently then the last. Although these aren't actual makes and models, they look very similar to the real deal.

The story line plays out like an episode of the Sopranos. At least, I think it does. I don't watch that show. Ray Liotta, among other famous celebrities, does a voice over for the main character. It's up to Tommy(and you!) to whack a few people, steal a few cars, get some drug money and vibe out to Run DMC "Rock Box". This game has some very witty writing(unlike my review of this game).

The open ended gameplay isn't really as open ended as I would have liked, but it does branch off enough to avoid being tedious. You are allowed to choose your mission at times, and if all you wanted to do was drive around all day and listen to the radio, you could. You could also drive the ambulance around, and help people, or drive a taxi, or destroy five city blocks. It's all up to you, and that sick twisted mind you have. For fans of GTA III, this is a no brainer. For those who disliked GTA III(Yes, both of us), rent it at the least. You will love this, so you should save time, and purchase it, or you may wind up sleeping with the fishes, if the developers have anything to do with it.

Graphics: 8
Sound/Music: 9
Control: 8
Story Line: 9
Overall: 9

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