Dark Age Of Camelot
Review By: Simon

I was going to write a video game review about this online PC game Dark Age of Camelot and send it in but then I thought nobody really cares about that game. Then I did a double-thought-back and realized that nobody really cares about an ALF video game either. So here goes.

Dark Age Of Camelot is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. It is like other roleplaying games, where you play a guy with a big hammer named Darkbrow Nightstalker and smash trolls with it, except it costs twelve dollars a month to play. You might be thinking it is crazy in the head to pay that much for a game, and you are right. But since I did, I'm writing this review.

First let me explain the premise: you pick 1 of 3 countries. Each country has different races, such as dwarves, smurfs, and trolls in 'Midgard'; midgets, elves, and half giants in 'Hibernia', and just humans and a scary blue fishy thing in 'Albion'. You get strong. You go to the battlegrounds against the other countries with your countrymen to aid you. YOU ROXXOR THE BAD GUYS' SOXXORS!!!1

This game is ultra neato and super cool. The graphics are great and the fighting is fun. I liked the knowledge that the troll I just killed wasn't just some AI computer thing, but someone behind a computer much like mine who was crying over their humiliating defeat. It is that one thing that almost makes these games worth paying for: the fact that when you kill something in the game someone, somewhere is upset. Frustrated. Angry even. It is very fun to do.

But it's not just all killing people. That's the bad part. In order to gain a level in the game you have to kill about a thousand little computer thingies first, and this is boring. Actually, much of this game would be boring, except that you can 'group' with other people and run around in bands of up to 8 people and kill things together.

There are several crappy 'extra' features in this game such as making potions and dueling people, but they suck. The main point of this game is to kill people in other countries. It's like simulated world war. Except with smurfs and elves and hammers.

In conclusion, buy this game if you want to have fun and have a lot of extra money to spend on crappy video games.

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