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Phen Lie-All
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So, I was watching the Fallout 4 reveal trailer and I thought it was rather grand. A perfect suburban America (perfect as there are no Jews or Nigerian Internet scammers) knows only a life of perfection with caring parents standing over a crib and suddenly nuclear annihilation occurs. BANG! TO THE ROOFTOPS! What compliments such a trailer is the dog wandering around inspecting the present day damage while a fantastical past repeats itself in mere memories.

I feel such a trailer simply sets the scene perfectly and was intended to create Internet buzz which it assuredly did in abundance. But yet, you have the so-called "professional gamer crowd" (jackasses) getting their panties wound up in a swing as the trailer fails to reveal any gameplay or the premise of the Fallout series. Buffoons, I say!

How can they reveal any gameplay if said game properly doesn't even work yet and the premise of the Fallout series is properly explained with the obvious concept of post-apocalyptic survival as the trailer clearly explains. No explaining this to the self-proclaimed "core gamer" crowd.

If you don't understand the cinematic brilliance of a perfect suburban America in the 1950's suddenly destroyed and a dog (a German shepherd, no less) wandering around then you are simply not an American and you probably voted for Obama. The message is clearly that Obama IS nuclear annihilation to any form of moral suburban Nashville sound decency and his presidency has attempted to rape the revolutionary cradle of Boston itself.

This is a struggle of a white American man and his dog in a post-apocalyptic environment in the 21st century constantly having to fend off LGBT activist mutants and similar Democrat scum. This is quite possibly the most American game ever and I applaud it!

I always order food in a restaurant.
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