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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:30 pm  Reply with quote
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Oh my word. I knew this was happening but I lost track of the date it would occur.

See, the unfortunate thing here is that there's nothing funny about this song and it demonstrates that if you back Rebecca with enough money and professionalism, she's just about the same as every other bad pop act. I believe she's crazy autotuned here like she was for "Friday," but it actually sounds fine and the lyrics aren't completely retarded.

Before, she was unique for being shit, but this is just generic pop (though it's unique in that it's about the subject of how we all made fun of her and we are mean guys and she's cool). I don't need another generic pop! Whatta waste.

But I guess if it actually works out for Rebecca, fine. I bear her no ill will. I just don't care about her new completely worthless crap music that isn't even worthless in a HOLY SHIT LISTEN TO HOW WORTHLESS THIS IS kind of way.

Best case scenario is people realize how your average pop music is only just a cut above "Friday" and it only takes some more cash to get to that point and maybe all pop music will have to step up its game as people's tastes improve.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:31 pm  Reply with quote

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Actually, I don't care what anyone says -- Rebecca Black will NEVER be another Britney, she just doesn't have that long-lasting CHARM. Three years from now Ms. Black will be another has-been crack whore in Vegas. And not at the MGM Grand or even the Flamingo.

Once she loses the sweet little 13 year old thing, no one will care. How many other 13 year old pop stars have we seen come and go throughout the years? Better save up that money in your piggybank NOW, Rebecca, my sweet!

I bet her innocence has been already been lost since some executive had her in his office for private negotiations.

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