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Phen Lie-All
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There is something I find quite unusual between Michelangelo's "great works of legend" that the Italian tourist board would have you believe. David does not seem incredibly well-endowed yet many of the menfolk of the Sistine Chapel seemed well, err... to be rather boyish like. Just what was Michelangelo trying to prove here? Was he trying to compensate for his penis envy? I guess this is why porn is superior to art.

Joe is quite right in completely ignoring the mostly worthless European cultural and historic achievements. It's not like you can actually SEE any great battle unfolding before your very eyes simply by visiting some old monument or battlefield. Why is such importance given to discovering who this king or that one impregnated in the pantry or stables? But at leasr history has SOME use because it actually happened. Art is but a waste of human energy and there are those who actually believe some painter spending years on a few squiggles is something more important than the efforts of a BUSINESSMAN!

Painting scenes from the Bible is not only boring and pointless, it is in fact completely contradictory for the Bible forbids the creation of any art at all in quite explicit terms. Europeans have always been pretty stupid that way, I guess. However, it should be noted that Oriental art tends to somehow be more practical in a way whether it is Islamic calligraphy (words always serve a purpose) or simple Japanese wood-block cuttings depicting carp fish.

800 years of the Dark Ages and all Europe has to show for it are undersized shlongs!
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