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Phen Lie-All
PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:58 pm  Reply with quote

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So apparently the Ford Motor Company now loves the faggies and has seen fit to place ads in leading gay men's magazines which promote gay marriage polygamy and also casually sponsor pride marches and the like. The greatest horror of all is they sponsor the vile (and poorly written) Desperate Housewives, a show which thinks it's ok to do... well, the kind of stuff every other network TV show is doing. On a personal level, I am most offended by the latter. So offended in fact I am determined to boycott Ford's products by the aid of the following:

Yes, those faggy-friendly folks in Detroit have to know that their behaviour is simply unacceptable! Who could ever be seen in a Ranger or F-150 knowing that there is a possibility that our anally friendly friends have been right there on the assembly line fitting spark plugs, seatbelts and Lordy knows what else! I tell you I'm a gonna be taking mah business elsewhere.

However, there is just one thing the fine church groups behind this boycott seem to have forgotten: EVERY major auto manufacturer is probably funding some pro-abortion group or placing ads in liberal-targeted magazines. GM have to be the most famous liberal initiative supporter considering their executive has always been largely comprised of Catholics. They have incompetent Latin Americans running divisions everywhere! Toyota seem to think that an "electric-hybrid" car with about 20 horsepower is the face of the future. How about boycotting THEM!

I guess this boycott is all about the feeling of betrayal since Ford has traditionally been the most conservative of auto makers with Henry T. Ford being the greatest critic of FDR's socialist New Deal and Henry Ford II firing Lee Iacocca just because he was Italian and not sufficiently racist for the Chairman's liking. Or as I suspect it is a secret conspiracy on the part of GM or the Japs just because they can't make anything like the F-150. Maybe I too feel a need to boycott Ford.

So, where does this leave us? Buy a Dodge because at least Chrysler was among the companies boycotted by gay rights groups after removing advertisements from the ABC sitcom Ellen in 1997, which it deemed "controversial." I mean, Ellen was an awful sitcom. And Dodge prevented Toyota's dominance of the Daytona 500 which surely warmed the hearts of so many. And my grandaddy drove a Dodge back in the day. So, perhaps, this Ford boycott is necessary after all because it may help Chrysler.

Perhaps this should be a rant instead.
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