The Crat In The Hat

Little Boy Gore was a hopeful boy
He liked to play with his oil reserve toy
"Some day", said Little Boy Gore for the fifth time by four
"I shall be President Gore". This was his plan forevermore.

"If I were President", said Little Boy Gore,
"I'll make the old peoples pay more and more
With all their sneezing and coughing
I'll lift up the price of an old peoples coffin."

"If I were President", said Little Boy Gore,
"I'd go to a temple, and knock on the door.
I'd ask for their money and a jam jar of honey
And laugh at their Indian names. How funny!"

"If I were President", said Little Boy Gore,
"I'd take America to a place called World War.
Fighting Englanders and Germanians,
Chinesians, Italios and Russtanions."

"If I were President," said Little Boy Gore,
"I'd tax all the people be they rich, be they poor.
Fantabulous rates for earning a buck
I'll have Americaners dining on shitmuck"

"But most of all," said Little Boy Gore,
"If I was President I'd end this furor"
"Unlike Georgie I tell truth not stories"
"Like the "YOU GET GUN" tale to Elian Gonzalez"