Talk To Us!

Hey, idiots. This is Ross. So you want to post on the LTM boards - but our wit and humor intimidates you? Don't feel there's enough "lol" and "rofl"ing? Then come to LTM chat! Where you can talk to us geniuses in REAL TIME!

We use a contraption called IRC, I imagine most of you have heard of it. If you're not a moron, here are the things you need to know:

Channel: #ltm

If you are a moron, then you should feel bad for making me write this shit. Shame. Anyway, go here and download the latest version of mIRC (if you're on Windows, of course. If not, then go tell some of your friends how great you are because I don't care).

When you open it (after installing mIRC, genius), you'll get a little window with some server information and a 'connect' button. Enter your name and nick, then hit OK on that shit (not 'connect to IRC server').

In the 'status' window, type /server and watch the magic happen. When it finishes connecting, you'll get a channel popup. Take off the check on the little box on the bottom (pop-up on connect or whatever), and hit OK.

Lastly, type /join #ltm - and that's it, Bobby.

Note that when you come in there may not be anyone talking, because we all have 'lives' to an extent (lolololoroflflfsmop). Idle for a while and maybe someone will.

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