Changes are afoot!

Hello! This is Ross. After being chained to a wall (computer chair) and beaten (masturbating) daily in a Turkish prison (my house) for five years (significantly less), I am actually doing something for this site again (running it into the ground). Gringo, for reasons probably involving alcohol, has decided that he can no longer pay to keep this affront to respectable humor alive on the world wide interweb. Therefore, Joe and I have concluded that we, in accordance with our masochistic tendencies, have to pay for the webhosting or see LTM close.

All this really means is that Gringo isn't the only one updating anymore. This might mean that it gets updated more often, but probably not! Mostly it just means that the articles being put up now won't be two years old anymore (seriously).

The other change is that we actually have our own forum now, so we don't have to deal with shit from people we don't even like very much. You have to go register again, but it's extremely painless!

I think that's pretty much it.

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