Thursday, July 27, 2006

Love and Nonsense

There once was a boy who met a girl by a lake and they soon decided apartness they couldn't take. They stuck to each other like snails to a branch and indulged in unparalleled fits of romance. They sat by the water, speaking only a tad as a look or a touch sufficed to make them glad. They sat and they loved till the sun's last inkling, then parted quite painfully, and spent the night thinking how wonderfully perfectly the day had just gone and hoping the next one would arrive before long.

And so it went on like this for a time, until one day the boy rather unwisely chimed, "You are the only thing," he said to the girl, "that I care for at all in this entire world."

"Shh," she replied with a finger to his lips, but he continued unfettered, rambling at a full clip.

"I mean it quite truly, there is nothing else, not fame, nor family, nor friendship, nor wealth."

The girl did not speak, only eyed him strangely, as he continued to jabber super derangedly.

"I would never leave you, I want you to know, but if you wanted out, I would not stop your going. I'd simply climb up to the roof of my flat, throw myself off, and that would be that."

Now the reason that the boy's mindset was as such, was he'd not once before felt anything this much. He'd never had anyone to touch or to hold, the girl was his fire, he was otherwise cold. He'd never felt love before, not a hint, not a whisper, so his heart would not survive if he could not be with her.

The girl's eyes went wide. "Don't say things like that." And she pushed her chin down on her knees where she sat.

"Why shouldn't I," asked the boy, "when every word is true?"

"Because I don't want to hear about suicide from you."

"But I'm not suicidal, not now, not really."

"Well, what you are saying is stupid and silly."

"But why? I just want to say what I feel."

"So you're saying that you'd jump off the roof for real?"


"Well, I don't want to hear of this lecture, such a notion for me is far, far too much pressure."

"Pressure?!" the boy yelled, then with lots of gall, "If we're happy together, there's no pressure at all!"

"Then why even say such a thing like you said? We're happy together, obviously, you're not dead."

The boy did not think his words were such a crime and surmised that she must've had doubts in her mind.

"So you have thought of leaving me, hence why you're unsettled."

The girl gazed at him, wishing he had not meddled in such matters as frivolous and foolish as this. She leaned toward his forehead and gave it a kiss.

She patted his hand and said, "Please don't be dumb," then they looked at the water, both feeling quite glum.

So the matter was left unresolved as it was and they returned to kissing and hugging and love. But the seed had been planted and a bad one at that, and the issue'd resurface as they chewed the fat.

The boy's point remained that the girl must have doubt to be so upset when suicide he did tout.

The girl stood fast that such a statement was pointless, the doubt was non-existant till he'd gone and spoiled it.

She loved him so deeply, no really, 'tis true, but before long the arguing eclipsed all else they'd do. He'd launch into rhetoric and nonsense and blather while she wished he'd be content simply to have her. She'd weep and she'd tell him "please, please, just relax," he'd apologize and next day would resume the claptrap. She gave all she could till no more was to give, but eventually decided this was no way to live.

So on that fateful day at the lake she was crying, hoping against hope he wasn't serious about dying.

"I tried," she said through tears, "You know that I did, but you've stuck to this topic like a stupid kid. I love you, I do, but you won't let this go, this trollop, this garbage, this suicide sideshow."

"I'm sorry," he said, and again it seemed true, but it wasn't, he'd changed and their love had changed too.

"I've believed you before, a hundred times it seems, but, no more, I'm so sorry," and she watched as the gleams in each of his eyes faded, but they'd been fading fast since that moronic day at the lake'd come to pass.

She bawled and she buried her face in his chest, thinking of when their love had not been such a mess.

He, however, was calm and collected as though he had seen all this coming, the curtain to this show. He lifted her head up, wiped a tear from her eye, and thought how she was pretty even when she would cry. He leaned toward her forehead and gave it a kiss and smiled remembering all of their former bliss.

He took her by the hand and gave it a pat, then turned to leave saying, "Well, that will be that."


Blogger Andrea said...

So he doesn't kill himself, right ?

9:03 AM  
Blogger Joeplork said...

I don't honestly know. It's not a very good story. I don't think I had a real ending in mind.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

ah it was nice :)

8:44 AM  
Blogger Joeplork said...

Thank you!

1:31 AM  

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