Sunday, May 07, 2006


Rythm was once a dancer. Do you all recall this?

It was, in fact, a source companion. You could, at the time, feel it everywhere. People were lifting their hands and voices and if you were so bold as to free your mind and join the people who were doing such a thing, you could feel it in the air.

And, oh! It was passion. Oh! You could feel it, yeah. Oh! I just remembered again. It was a passion. Oh-oh! Oh-oh! Oh-oh.

Rhythm, you guys. Rhythm, you could feel it. Actually, people could feel it. Rhythm! Rhythm was a dancer.

Check this out.

People should've (if they didn't) let the rhythm ride them and guide them simultaneously. One could have, if they so endeavored, let the rhythm inside them and set their mind to move!

To this pulsation.

Bass vibrations!

Sense sensation!!

Far is not implicit.

Mind and body must be free too, by the way.

Now, please, take it all away. Nothing to lose! Everything to wreck. Let it control you, hold you, and mold you. Not the old, stupid, the new. Touch it! TOUCH IT!!! Free your soul and let it invade you (gross).

Be what you wanna! If the groove don't get you, the rhyme's gonna! I'm serious as cancer(?!?) when I say, rhythm is a dancer.

Anyway, rhythm, rhythm, you could feel it. People feel it. Rhythm! Rhythm is a dancer.

OH!!! It's a passion. OH! YOU CAN FEEL IT, YEAH? OH! It's a passion. Oh-oh...oh-oh...oh-oh.

Rhythm blah blah.

Wow, I didn't know there was a lyric about cancer in that song. Anyway, I hope I've successfully wasted your time.


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