Friday, March 17, 2006

Treatment for my Crazy-Ass Screenplay

Today, for screenwriting class, I had to write a treatment for my script idea.

For those who do not know, a treatment is basically like a rough outline of the whole movie. A more professional person could probably tell you if there is a standardized way of writing one but I personally have learned two completely different styles at this point. Anyway, I don't know how very interesting this will be, but here's the first bit of the treatment for my fucked-up screenplay. You get the logline (one or two sentences that sum up the main tension of the movie), the setting, the character synopses (what they "want" and what they "need" are supposed to be important), and the first act of the story synopsis because I do not want to ruin all of my wonderful plot secrets.

This may not be the most proper treatment as I'll have to present it in class tomorrow and find out what's wrong with it.

Incidentally, you'll see my characters do have some back-story (I was complaining about this recently) but I am in no way trying to provide a concrete justification for their behavior.

In the middle of all the evil and violence, please enjoy picking out the bits of cheesy humor I've included! And a Simpsons reference to boot!!!! GO:


Logline: In a post-apocalyptic, survival-of-the-fittest society, Kat travels to a place where, based on a radio broadcast, she believes a better life lies. She attempts to murder all those who stand in her way before her conscience can catch up with her.

Setting: An almost entirely collapsed near future of broken-down buildings and dead countryside. Police are all but extinct. Money is still considered relatively important yet nobody seems to have any. Some people have subscribed to the every-man-for-himself type of survival, while others still cling to the last shreds of an ordered society.

Character Synopsis:

Kat – An attractive, African-American woman in her 30s with a rampant violent streak. Grew up in a gas station/mechanics shop as society crumbled around her. Human life is largely dispensable to her, with the exception of children, as she witnessed the murder of her younger sister when she was still a kid. She tends to only kill people who threaten her or get in her way.

She wants to escape to the area from where the radio station is broadcasting. She needs to stop killing people.

Doug – A white guy in his 40s with no regard to any life but his own and, seemingly, Kat’s. He’s not particularly good-looking, but he’s clearly pretty strong. He grew up in one of the first areas to fall into total chaos and has known little besides how to kill for most of his existence. He enjoys it far more than Kat and will murder for kicks! He is in his natural state when killing but is awkward and nervous otherwise. Watches quite a lot of TV, even though they only air the same three movies over and over again.

He wants to kill. He needs (and also wants but will not openly admit to it) a companion.

Story Synopsis:


Inciting Incident: Three guys in a bar come on to Kat much too strongly, so she kills them, loots the place, and commandeers a nearby car.

New Opportunity: While in the car, Kat hears a radio broadcast claiming to be from “beautiful North Haverbrook” and, checking a road map, makes it her goal to travel there. Not long after this, she meets and finds a formidable ally in Doug.


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