Saturday, March 18, 2006

Some People Besides Me Are Smart

Ah, what a terrible thing to have to admit!

I'm a very judgmental sonofabitch! I think it's a runs-in-the-family type of thing because my sister says she is too and my parents are, but in different ways so, I imagine, the combination of their two types of criticality (incorrect word usage!) have resulted in my sister and I thinking everybody sucks! Me more than her, even. Or maybe I just admit to it more often.

As such, people usually have to prove themselves to be of worth to me pretty early on. If they seem stupid right off the bat, or there's nothing particularly interesting about them, or (and, truly, this is the crux of it) if I can fit them into any sort of social category without much trouble, then I tend to take a stance on them instantly. "This person!" I will say, "THEY ARE NOT FIT TO SPEAK TO I!" And, lo, they shall be permitted to speak regardless, but I will silently reject all that they have to say.

Okay, I don't really REALLY mean this, I suppose. It can be true (with REAL idiots), but, usually, my opinions about people get reversed completely and then go back again based on singular statements. Wow! What am I, bi-polar?! Probably!

Case in point, my screenwriting teacher. I never thought he was dumb. In fact, he seemed really cool. But I was wary of him because, frankly, I've already been an undergrad film major and this is some shoddy "pay some cash and take a course for a few months that gets advertised on the subway" class and the whole orientation thing the first day was laughably disorganized. Plus, a lot of his favorite movies are big, dorky sci-fi classics like Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Ghostbusters. However, he still used a clip of The Conversation (one of my favez!) to illustrate a point in, if I'm not mistaken, our very first class. Additionally, I really like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future so who am I to talk? ANYWAY, conflicting factors resulted in my teacher still having yet to prove himself to be THAT awesome.

Hilariously enough, however, it didn't take long for me to realize I'm learning a LOT more about the fundamentals of screenwriting than I did from my scatterbrained professor (sweet, wonderful lady who I love, but utter confusion was a staple of her wardrobe) for the Intro to Screenwriting class I took in college. Also, I hated my college so, whatever, maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.

Now, I am more stubborn than most, especially when it comes to my writing. I understand most everyone is like this. You have a specific idea or VISION in your head and a point you want to make with it etc. etc. and then some craphead comes in and tells you "CHANGE YOUR DREAM." Understandably, you are resistant (and I tended to be even moreso than other people in the writing classes I took).

Now, with my screenplay idea my teacher has very quickly and succinctly made it clear what issues there are with it. I'm going to have to really rethink some major aspects of it, even a couple of the things that were something I felt were majorly important to leave unchanged.

My ego requires me to mention that, in a manner of speaking, I was aware of a lot of the problems with the story. I'm doing the same thing with my novel. I have a framework for what I want to happen and I even recognize that I'm not yet sure if some of the huge plot points I have in mind are for sure going to work. I tend to just write and deal with the issues as they arise.

Still, my teacher really quickly helped me get to the root of these problems in my screenplay idea and gave me some examples of things I could do that he didn't really expect me to use, but were a very good catalyst for future brainstorming. I think it's really awesome how he laid the issues out so clearly for me and was still, overall, very supportive of my general idea.

I didn't really expect to learn a huge amount from this class. It was more just something to get me writing a screenplay that I could use to get into a grad program. I'm therefore quite pleased that it's actually helping me out a lot. However, a part of me still hates to admit that I maybe wouldn't have been able to reach this same point on my own.



Beloved of El Elyon said...

well stupid people occasionally surprise one...hence the term idiot savant..there must have been a reason to create something as pompous sounding as that.


1:18 AM  
Joeplork said...

Hey you commented on my thing! Thanks.

Well, yeah, that's a good point. This guy isn't stupid, though.

7:56 PM  
Beloved of El Elyon said...

how do u know? have u met him? ignore me...haha.

11:51 AM  

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