Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Have Something Very Important to Say So I am Typing it Now Because it is So Important

What I am typing now is something that is so important, it is kind of obscene how important it is. Not just to me, but to everyone who reads it. Nay, it is important to THE WORLD, regardless of whom is actually physically exposed to it, what it is that I am typing now.

If I did not type this (this thing I am typing now) it would be something that was never typed and presented to the world and that would be a travesty. That would be a piece of very important history left unwritten; a first for humankind that never presented itself. A crime, essentially! A crime!

What I am writing here is important and interesting and unique. I am discussing something that is entirely unique to me and therefore eye-opening to everyone else. "Gosh, I never thought of it that way!" you will DEFINITELY be saying once you are through reading this. You will exclaim, "It was so important I read that! It has enriched my life for I had never experienced, nor seen, nor heard about anything alike to it in the past! It was an entirely new piece of knowledge for me, not unlike unlocking the door to a whole new dimension!"

This is inarguably how you will feel. You will be changed, whether you like it or not, by what I have written here. You will be different after reading this, of this I am certain for I am the only one to write it as such. This writing shall, as they say, "rock your world" in a rather violent fashion.

For there is no one like me.

Who has written like me.

And will ever write like me.


This is so interesting...

So important...

So unique...

Gosh, am I keen!!!


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