Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Listen to Weird Music, Guys

I listen to weird music, guys. So I’ma gonna tell you about some of it now so you can pretend you’re me. Why would you wanna do that? Hell, I dunno. Why are you reading blogs by some people you know nothing about whose credentials are, shall we say, QUESTIONABLE??? Anyway, you guys are nuts.

The Go! Team is a horrendously likeable band from “ENGLAND,” as it’s called in some circles. Their album “Thunder, Lightning, Strike” was recorded in a damn basement, much of it is instrumental, and the parts where they do sing often involve choruses of girls chanting like cheerleaders. They use trumpets and violins and harmonicas. It’s very infectious stuff. Try downloading “Huddle Formation” and "Panther Dash."

The Pixies are the best band ever. Lots of people know about them now but, whatever, they are the best alternative rock there has been and ever will be, I would say. Everyone likes “Where is My Mind?” but I think “No. 13 Baby” is my favorite song. “Break My Body” is good too.

Mindless Self Indulgence is a good band from New York. Kids who like bad metal and goth music love them but that’s the only bad thing about them. They are insane and fast and noisy and dancey somewhat and just plain amazing. If you’re over thirty you’ll probably hate them. One of their earliest songs was about five-year old pantyshots. They’ve toned down the obscene offensiveness since then but you’ll still hate them if you’re old or Mormon. People who can put their tongues up in their cheek shouldn’t mind. Get “What Do They Know?” or “Prom” to hear them at their best.

Bearsuit is a very odd band that is also British. They are often cacophonic as heck but also poppy. They have a fair number of songs that are more okay rather than great but the really good stuff is growing on me like a hardcore fungus. In general, it is interesting to hear the weird things they pull sometimes. The song “Going Steady” is my favorite and it uses a RECORDER and it actually sounds GOOD! "Hey Charlie Hey Chuck" is quite great too. "I Thought You Said You Were Blind" is a beautiful little number and is probably one of the most easily likeable, less violent-sounding things they have.

That’s enough for now. I will tell you about more music later.


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