Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Best Salad There Ever Was

There once was a salad that a young lad tried and he loved it so much that he cried and he cried at the very moment the first leaf touched his lips, the dressing was sweet and the lettuce was crisp.

He screamed and he bawled to his friend 'cross the table, "I WOULD LIVE, BREATHE, AND BATHE IN THIS SALAD IF ABLE!"

The salad was that good, he wasn't just kidding, if it'd had vocal cords, he'd have done its bidding.

His friend was confounded, he did not understand in the first place why salad had been ordered by a man.

"What kind of jerk are you?" he had asked him earlier, "You some kind of girl? You used to be burlier."

"I just want a salad so get off my back." He did not think his order warranted this attack.

Now the tables had turned for the salad was great, so incredible it amazed him it sat right on his plate!

"You've got to try a bite!" he told his compadre but his friend pretended not to hear of this parle.

After a fair bit of coaxing I don't care to write, the friend acquiesced and dropped all the fight.

He gingerly took one taste of the salad and immediately sprang into a rousing ballad (the contents of this song shan't be detailed here but, boy, was it ever a joy to the ear).

Now the two boys explicated, "Hey, what the hell!?!" was put into this salad that made it taste so well!

They called over the waiter after a bit of doing and asked what exactly in the kitchen was stewing.

"What is it that makes this salad so darn great?! With so much personality it springs off the plate?!"

"What is it, please tells us, we must know the secret."

"We put bacon bits in it," said the waiter.


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