BB Kan

Hello, I am Fionn.

I am the genius behind BB Kan. I am now going to write a short piece about BB Kan, so you feel deeply connected to it. Inspired by the beauty that was Spurt I decided to write my own comic (no, really, I was inspired by Spurt. Honestly, it's why BB Kan happened) and after much fiddling around, I eventually settled on BB Kan.

The main characters are BB (or Bee Bee, as I'm stupid and want to give people two names) who is meant to be a kangaroo, but looks like a doggy, and Kan, who is a lump of pure blue. That's right, kids! PURE BLUE.

I have started to add more characters in as I'm getting bored of Bee Bee and Kan. One new character is Hedgecock, who is my personal favourite ever - even better than Chewbacca...whom I didn't invent. There are all of my BB Kan cartoons at and very soon, LTM BB Kan will be unique, EXCLUSIVE BB KAN.

#1 - Drugs are bad. Catlitter.

#2 - My woman packed up and left me

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